Portraits in the Backyard

I recently got the Alien Skin Exposure plugin for Lightroom, so when visiting my family in Cincinnati I took my sister outside for a spontaneous photoshoot, mostly to test out the different filters.

This one I was definitely going for a 70’s look.



This was a vintage filter that I tweaked a little. I like the scratches and how the corners get blurred out. Looks like 1920’s.


And then Audrey posed for me, even though she didn’t realize it.


Trip to Seattle

I recently spent a week in Seattle on vacation. I didn’t take my camera everywhere, but I did take a few pictures. The Pike Place Market was one of my favorite spots, although it was not what I expected.

Seattle Fish Market

The harbor tour was definitely worth it, one of the highlights of the trip. Our guide was really great and, while definitely a touristy thing to do, I recommend it for sure.

Seattle Harbor Tour

Seattle Harbor Tour 2

Tomatoes in the Pikes Place Market tomatoes.

Seattle Pike's Place Market

The Gum Wall. There were two full walls of gum but my favorite was this No Parking sign.

Seattle Trip-7

We drove up the hill and came to this great overlook of downtown. I recently got Alien Skin’s Exposure plugin for Lightroom, and it’s been really fun. Most of the effects are not very practical but some vintage filters are pretty cool, if not very printable. The sun was shining in kind of an odd way so I didn’t like how the light looked on the city in color, but this was kind of cool.

Seattle Trip-8

I liked the green of this road.

Seattle Green Trees

Another vintage filter from Alien Skin.

Seattle Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes Seattle Ship to Shore Gantry Crane

I used my wide angle lens and squeezed in all the important signs.

Seattle Trip-12

And then of course the Space Needle. I was walking across the street and a car was coming so I clicked this one. I turned the ISO up a little and clicked it on the fly and then didn’t even have time to check the picture until later. I like how the colors looked in the picture, it’s not super sharp tho because I didn’t have time to focus right and plus I was walking. But still kinda cool.

Seattle Space Needle

Traverse City and More – July 2014

Over the Fourth of July I spent the week in Northern Michigan. My most recent purchase was a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8wide angle lens, and it’s awesome. I researched all the wide angle lenses for Canon cameras and read all the reviews, watched a bunch of videos and went with Tokina. Lots of people rated the Tokinas as better quality than the Canons and, while I’m not sure if that’s all the way true, the price difference of $800 was an acceptable trade for the red ring of luxury.

Super sharp, color is nice, well made and the f2.8 is awesome. Here are some sailboats in the Traverse City bay.

Traverse City Bay with Sailboat

Here is the State Theatre in downtown Traverse City. The lights were really cool, I like the view down the street, the moon and the colors.

Downtown Traverse City State Theatre

One of the nights we spent at the downtown Traverse City beach watching the sun set. This sailboat came by.

Traverse City Sailboat Sunset

The sun-flairs look cool and I like the look of the sand in this one.

Traverse City Beach Sunset with Sunflare

Here is an example of how wide my lens is. I climbed over the fence and got very close to the horses for this one. I was probably a foot and a half from this head, which is why his body is so distorted.

Horse with Wide Angle Lens

I made this one black and white because I like how it makes the tree look. I took this at f20 to keep the clouds in focus.

Horses in a Field- Black and White

Man Fishing at Sunset

There was a really pretty heron across the lake that I was trying to take pictures of. However I couldn’t get a good shot at her because she was so far away. But then this guy walked by and started fishing.

I like how the colors reflect on the water.

Harper – Park Photoshoot in April

Last week, I had a follow up photoshoot with my buddy Harper. (See the first photoshoot we did together about a year ago.) Harper is 2.5, and it was much easier to photograph somebody who cooperated. Babies and toddlers take twice as long because they don’t hold still or look at the camera.

I think this one was my favorite of the afternoon:

Harper Photoshoot - April 2014 (1)

She loved her little purple boots, so I made sure to include those in several shots.

Harper Photoshoot - April 2014 (2)

Harper Photoshoot - April 2014 (3)